Sunday, August 30, 2009

Shedding the 'Tough Skin'

You know whenever something or someone hurts you, or when someone's words cut through like a knife? Why is it that people suggest that you should get tougher skin? Of course it is a metaphor for blocking out that pain and anger that person may have caused. But to me, now in my adult age, I see it as a slight cop out.

Of course we should not let some one's OPINION alter how we feel or think of ourselves, or any situation we may be associated with, because that is just what it is.....OPINION! So many people throw their opinions out like facts they have retrieved from a world history book and expect you to accept it. Something that I am grateful for is having the ability to accept people expressing their opinions, and leaving it just as that... their opinions. I have gotten to the point where I do not even dispute their thoughts, because that is just wasted energy in most cases.

When someone expresses their opinions that are completely off the wall and irrelevant, I just smile now and keep on moving (unless of course I am being degraded, that's a completely different topic). Why? Not because I have 'tougher skin,' but because I have greater faith. I have come to realize, as many others, that people will put other people down to make themselves look greater that what they really are. It is called their ego. The ego can be a deadly thing, and can cause a downhill spiral in a heartbeat.

Just because you have experienced certain situations, are a certain age, have a 'high' position, drive a certain car or live in a particular neighborhood doesn't make you nor your opinions any greater than anyone else. It just means that you are blessed and highly favored. Too many choose to confuse the two......

So why waste my valuable time trying to check someone else's ego, when God can do it better than any attempt I may possibly put forth? My smile is just a reminder to me of the faith that I have, and the realization that God will check that individual's ego.

You are never too old, rich or important to be taught valuable lessons in life. Life is simply ongoing lessons we have yet to learn. It is important to check one's ego daily so you don't get out of hand, but some people will never learn.

So I am shedding that 'tough skin' act, because my faith is much stronger and tougher to block others' insecurities from invading my space!

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